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Adelina Frau Toilet - Scat – Sweet Shitty Morning (2017 | FullHD | 784 MB)

Usually I sleep up to 12 hours, but today I was awakened by my toilet slave. He is my toilet and he is very hungry. He took off my clothes and kissed my feet and my arms. I was angry that he dared to wake me up and I slapped him. As punishment for his behavior, I command him to kiss and lick my sweety asshole. Then I shitting in his mouth right on the bed and make him swallow his breakfast. In addition, I spit in his mouth. But it seems he really liked this punishment. Eat my shit and enjoy this morning!
New Scat – Shit eater must puke (2017 | HD | scat-movie-world | 782 MB)

Miss Jane sits comfortably on her slave, so he gets little or no air at all. As a reward, she then shits so much into his slaves mouth that he must surrender to eat. Such a bad luck for the loser, then he must just eat his own puke. So much piss, shit and spittle was too much for him, especially since he was used shortly before this video already by Lady Chantal as a full toilet. A small fit did not fit in his mouth anymore - so he is imprisoned again and hopes, that one of the ladies will get him out again.
Scheissefresser muss kotzen
Miss Jane setzt sich gemütlich auf ihre lebende Arschheizung, das der Sklave dabei nur wenig oder gar keine Luft bekommt kümmert sie entsprechend wenig. Als Belohnung scheißt sie ihm anschließend dermaßen viel in sein Sklavenmaul das er sich beim fressen übergeben muss. So ein Pech für den Loser, dann muss er eben seine eigene Kotze fressen. So viel Pisse, Scheisse und Kotze war dann doch zu viel für ihm, zumal er kurz vor diesen Video schon von Lady Chantal als Voll-Toilette benutzt wurde. Eine kleine Fitze passte am Ende nicht mehr in sein Maul, nun muss er dafür hinter Gitter und hoffen das ihm eine der Ladys irgendwann wieder raus holt.
Nicolefetish - Hd 1080p – To us girls just like to have fun with the shit (2017 | FullHD | 390 MB)

to us girls just like to have fun with the shit
I was on vacation with my friend michelle
is screaming in the kitchen it is all full of shit
I do not believe it at the beginning but then I see the panties there is shit everywhere
What do we play together?
we see how many games you can do with these lesbo shit
Smelly Milana - Femdom Scat – Banquet for a 3-course toilet slave (2017 | HD | 1.63 GB)

Banquet for a 3-course toilet slave. Yesterday my princesses used me again. Yana was the most smelly and sweet - she cooked for me a huge sticky and very sweet pile! The first treat I took from Christina - with a powerful fart she dumped my face to her shit, which I very quickly ate, because I love the taste of her shit! The second treat I received from Yana - her shit was thick and sticky, swallowing it was the most difficult since there was a lot of it, every time I swallowed a new portion my mouth immediately filled with a new one. Last meal I took from Amina - a small piece of hard shit and a large portion of urine, I did not want to drink so much urine, especially at the end, when I was filled with shit, but Amina wanted me to drink all of her urine. At the beginning of the video, the girls used my mouth to brush their feet - it was very pleasant to spend time with them - they laughed and talked about their women's affairs! I knew that at this moment they strongly want to shit and wait. After talking to the girls decided who will go to the toilet first, second and last.
CosmicGirl - Scat – Sucking A Shitty Cucumber JOI (2017 | HD | 678 MB)

Sucking my shit off a dirty used cucumber after double penetrating myself with 2 large vegetables. Includes jerk off instruction/encouragement and striptease scenes too!
***(No actual shitting scene in this one, I only suck the dirty used cucumber at the end of the clip/ but its still hot as fuck. it's 19 minutes long and IMO very much worth the extremely low price)***
Alice - Scat – New girl Alice. 30 years old height 181 (2017 | HD | 267 MB)

New girl Alice. 30 years old height 181
Diana, Alana - Scat Girls – Feeding my slave (2017 | SD | NewMFX | 311 MB)

Alana decided to feed her slave with a special food from her intestine, she is sleeping when sha has a stomac ache, an intence pain that result in a big scat. Diana is hungry and will eat all shit from the sexy Alana's ass.
LoveRachelle2 - Poop Videos – Blackmailed Toilet Slave (2017 | 4K UHD | 1.64 GB)

I have your precious photos, and we both know what'll happen if they get out, don't you? That's right, you know what that means-you're my *bitch*. Don't worry, you won't have to do anything extreme for me. you don't have to get your hands dirty.. just your mouth, because if you don't want these photos to go public, you're going to have to get under this ass, and eat my shit! Why? Because it's hilarious, getting weak men to do whatever I want when I have them under my thumb, and that's *just* where you belong.
I crap out a huge, thick turd, choking you with it. I laugh, telling you to chew it, chew that raw shit up. I don't care if you gag-if you do, I'll just make you eat your shitty vomit! I can't help but be SO amused when you cry and beg, but you're getting hard even when you act like you're disgusted. Do you actually LIKE being my little slave, loser? You really ARE just a worm, just as I suspected. I step on your eyes, then step on the shit in your mouth, pushing it down your throat. You better hurry up, toilet! You're going too slow. hm, that actually gives me an idea! I'll keep you as a human toilet, and train you to eat my shit so fast it's disappearing down your throat right as it's pushing its way out my butthole. Do whatever I tell you to, little slave, and your dirty secrets are safe with me!
Nika 44, Nikki 31 - Lesbian moms Nikki and Nika fooling around (2017 | FullHD | Mature | 2.00 GB)

Mya Lushes - Bangin Big Black Boobs (2017 | SD | SuggaBunny, DoTheWife | 407 MB)

Elena Koshka - Welcome Sexy Elena Koshka (2018 | SD | WildOnCam, CherryPimps | 480 MB)

Katrina - Net Video Girls (2017 | HD | NetVideoGirls | 1.12 GB)

Poopea - Premiere fois dans un love hotel pour Poopea (2017 | HD | JacquieEtMichelTV | 722 MB)

Lucy Heart - Blonde Filled With Customer Service (28.04.2018 | HD | PublicPickups, Mofos | 1.10 GB)

Felicia Kiss - That student loves sex (2018 | FullHD | DorcelClub | 339 MB)

Anna Bell Peaks - Anna Bells Stepbrother (2018 | FullHD | Spizoo | 1.99 GB)

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