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Smelly Milana - Scatting Domination – 2 mistresses tore my mouth and crapped into it (2017 | HD | 1.20 GB)

2 mistresses tore my mouth and crapped into it. The sharp ends of the brush painfully sucked into my mouth and throat causing a lot of microscopic wounds. The brush strongly injures the mucous and the sensation of shit becomes more acute! The girls were ruthless and put the toilet brush very deep to the throat and rotated to inflict more wounds. The next morning my mouth and lips were very sore.
OPUD-285 Female Investigator Feces Hole Drill Torture Morning Pillow Mitsuko Kukube Scat (2017 | HD | OPUD | 3.65 GB)

女捜査官 糞穴ドリル拷問 朝桐光 久我かのん
Anna Coprofield - Outdoors Scat – Outdoor Village Toilet / 5 Shit Compilation (2017 | FullHD | 1.01 GB)

While I'm in the hospital and can not shoot a new video, I decided to show you how I shit the toilet on the street during my trip to the village.;)
The pit is so deep and full of crap, there is very dirty and stink. so I could not get past the village toilet and not add my shit there xD
Diana, Sabrina Senna - Hd 1080p – Shitting in white legging (2017 | SD | NewFMX | 257 MB)

Sabrina got home and run to the bathroom, she really need to use it but Diana is there. Sabrina counld't wait more and start shitting in her white legging, she got really furious with Diana and decided to make the girl to clean her legging. Diana licks the shit from Sabrina's legging and pantie. For Sabrina that is not enought and keep the humiliation with Diana, making to clean her asshole and eat some shit.
LoveRachelle2 - Toilet Slavery – Sniff It, Lick It, EAT It, Loser (2017 | 4K UHD | 1.79 GB)

Oh, you're back again? Really, should I even bother with a worm like you? You're such a waste of my time, ugh. Well, I suppose I DO need to shit, so I guess you're a lucky, pathetic loser today now, aren't you? Now I'll have some USE for you. Get under me, watch me shit. Pay close attention to how shit is already coming out my ass when I sit down, I can't hold it in anymore. The head of my turd is pushing out-looks gross, doesn't it? That's your meal. A huge log pours right out my ass. You like that filthy pucker, loser? That shit-stained ass?
You get a good look at me as I stand over you-you like this plump, pink pierced pussy? You like these hot, pert tits? This sexy, tight body? You wanna have it? Well you can't-losers like you don't get girls like this! You're only good for my SHIT, so clean me up, loser! My ass is FILTHY. Get your tongue in there, wipe me clean. When you're done with that appetizer, I'm pushing your face in the main course-my pile of SHIT on the floor. Sniff it, lick it, and EAT it, loser! Bite down on that turd and chew it in chunks
Mistress Gaia - Femdom Scat – SHIT FACE PLEASURE (2017 | FullHD | 174 MB)

I have my slave on the floor at the foot of my throne. He's been waiting to enjoy some of my temptations, and I'm not going to disappoint him. However, I want him to make sure he understands his place, and to begin he must worship my feet and lick my shoes. I notice he can't keep his hands off his cock, so I allow my filthy slut to touch himself but he must not cum. It's time for me to give him his meal, and I get him to open his mouth as I relieve my shit over his face. I want him to enjoy all of it, and have decided to give him some assistance. I slip a condom tightly over my foot, then begin to smear all my shit over his face. I also give him a little footgagging, making sure my shit is at the back of his throat, and he swallows all of it. I finally leave him to play with himself and enjoy the luxury of being my shit face pleasure.
Il mio schiavo e' steso sul pavimento, ai piedi del mio trono. E' in attesa di poter soddisfare qualche mio capriccio e non voglio deluderlo. Tuttavia voglio che, innanzitutto, capisca bene il suo ruolo; quindi, come prima cosa, deve adorare i miei piedi e leccare le mie scarpe. Vedo che non puo' fare a meno di toccarsi il cazzo per cui decido di permettere a questa lurida troia di segarsi ma senza venire. Ora e' giunto il momento di servirgli il suo pasto, per cui gli ordino di aprire la bocca e mi svuoto sopra di lui riempiendogli la faccia di merda. Voglio che se la goda tutta, per cui decido di dargli un aiutino. Infilo un preservativo sul mio piede e comincio a spalmargli tutta la merda sulla faccia. Gli pratico anche un footgagging, spingendogli la merda in fondo alla gola, facendo modo che la ingoi tutta. Poi gli consento di continuare a segarsi e di assaporare la piacere di essere una faccia di merda ..
Smelly Milana - Shitting – 2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave  (2017 | HD | 652 MB)

2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave. Eating from a plate for me is the most difficult (you need to swallow constantly and there is no opportunity to relax), but in the future I want to do this with three girls - it will be very tough! Shit Yana had a stronger smell and smell. The first spoon I ate shit Christina - it's more familiar to me to taste. Next, I tried to take in a spoon immediately 2 crap to feel a range of flavors - this is the most pleasant with such eating.
KV-GIRL - Piss – Shit on a stick (2017 | FullHD | 679 MB)

Shit on a stick
KV-GIRL - Scat Swallow – SHOT BLEED SUCK (2017 | SD | 104 MB)

I shit my husband on the tail but it is very solid with me and it comes out only a puke so my husband gives me his shit. I spread her on his cock and blow him. I'm not so practiced and throw it completely on his cock and continue to bubble until it comes
Ich scheiße mein Mann auf den Schwanz aber es ist sehr fest bei mir und es kommt nur ein Kückel raus also gibt mein Mann mir seine Scheiße. Ich verteile sie auf sein Schwanz und blasen ihn. Ich bin da noch nicht so geübt und kotze ihn voll auf sein schwanz und blase weiter bis es kommt
Smelly Milana - Femdom Scat – 2 ladies fed me small portions of diarrhea (2017 | HD | 451 MB)

2 ladies fed me small portions of diarrhea
KV-GIRL - Scat Swallow – SHOT BLEED SUCK (2017 | SD | 104 MB)

I shit my husband on the tail but it is very solid with me and it comes out only a puke so my husband gives me his shit. I spread her on his cock and blow him. I'm not so practiced and throw it completely on his cock and continue to bubble until it comes
Ich scheiße mein Mann auf den Schwanz aber es ist sehr fest bei mir und es kommt nur ein Kückel raus also gibt mein Mann mir seine Scheiße. Ich verteile sie auf sein Schwanz und blasen ihn. Ich bin da noch nicht so geübt und kotze ihn voll auf sein schwanz und blase weiter bis es kommt
Smelly Milana - Scatting Domination (2017 | HD | 365 MB)

2 mistresses used a toilet slave. Today I served two girls at once! Christina was full of shit and urine, and Yana prepared badly and awarded me a small portion of diarrhea with secretions.
ModelNatalya94 - Carolina’s all in our shit (2017 | FullHD | 1.01 GB)

My friends Olga and Alice decided to have a dirty show in which we will coat shit our friend Carolina . To us in visitors came Carolina and we heard a it our plan , Carolina thought and agreed to . We came to the room at us all except Carolina had clothes on and Carolina was totally naked, first Carolina posing for you clean, showing you ass, Boobs, pussy, after the demonstration Carolina sits on the floor and first I shit on Carolina naked on Carolina's body drains shit , after me Carolina's naked body shits Alice , and at the end Olga . Carolina all in shit and my friends began to smear shit on the body of Carolina's legs belly pussy, ass, Breasts, Carolina all in shit, after we finished smearing the Carolina shit Carolina poses for you all in shit , Carolina walks around the room , takes different poses in one word arranges an erotic show for you .
Mistress Gaia - BOUND TO BE FED (2017 | FullHD | 196 MB)

Today I have a toilet slave that's going to receive a special treat. He's a newbie, and I'm going to initiate him with a double doze of my delightful horderves. As you can see, I have him hooded and on his knees and tightly bound in a leather arm binder. I also have him with his feet apart with a leg spreader. This is a very stressful position for my bitch, and I so enjoy seeing him suffer and struggle to hold a posture for me. I slap him hard a few times to give him some added incentive to please me. There are two bowls at my feet, and I push them over to him telling him how fortunate he is going to be. After some teasing and more ridicule of my toilet slut, prepare him to receive his meal. Firstly, I relieve myself into one of the bowls and tell him he is going to enjoy the sweet taste of my delicious shit. I get him to open his mouth and begin to feed him, I order him to make sure he chews and swallows all of his special treat. I also wipe some of my shit on his chest, just to make sure he fully enjoys the aroma under his nose. Then it's time to allow him to wash down his meal. I sit over the other bowl and fill it with my pee. I place a straw into the bowl and allow my bitch the added pleasure of washing down his delicious scat meal with my very sweet amber nectar. When finished, I leave my toilet slut in his stressful bondage to digest his horderve while I decide what to do with him next.
Nel mio dungeon,ho un nuovo toilet slave in attesa di ricevere un trattamento speciale.Lo avviero' a questa nuova pratica attraverso i miei deliziosi stuzzichini.Come potete notare,l'ho incappucciato e costretto in ginocchio e legato saldamente con le gambe spalancate grazie ad un divaricatore.Questa è una posizione molto stressante per la mia troia, e godo tantissimo nel vederlo soffrire e lottare per mantenere la corretta postura che IO,Mistress Gaia,desidero.Lo schiaffeggio un paio di volte per incentivarlo a fare tutto quello che IO voglio per il mio assoluto piacere.Ci sono due ciotole ai miei piedi, e le spingo verso di lui dicendogli quanto sarà fortunato.Dopo averlo preso per il culo ridicolizzandolo e umiliandolo verbalmente.decido che la mia puttana e' pronta a ricevere il suo pasto.Rilasso il mio prezioso corpo defecando in una delle scodelle e gli dico che apprezzerà il dolce sapore della mia deliziosa merda.Lo obbligo a spalancare la bocca e spingo la merda nel suo palato,assicurandomi che mastichi e ingoi tutto il suo trattamento speciale.Spalmo anche un po 'della merda sul suo petto,e' giusto che apprezzi pienamente l'aroma sotto il suo naso.E' il momento che la mia puttanella assapori un ottimo drink.Mi posiziono sull'altra ciotola e la riempo con la mia pipì.Infilo una cannuccia nella ciotola e permetto alla mia cagna di di abbeverarsi con il mio dolce nettare ambrato.Una volta finito,lascio il mio toilet slave nella sua posizione scomoda stressante per digerire ilsuo pasto mentre con calma decido che cosa fare con lui dopo
Toilet Humiliation - 2 Scat Doms use their Toilet Slave (2017 | HD | 332 MB)

What do you do with toilets? Right, you're shitting into it! We use our toilet every day. Yes, you heard right. Every day he has to eat our shit, drink our piss. Like in this video! Sometimes we puke him in the mouth! This is not a game but hard reality. This slave in the video is extremely humiliated. This time we give our toilet a spontaneous visit when we come from the brunch. In the morning we always have to shit a lot, especially if we have had a delicious breakfast. Not only that he has to lick the dirt off our soles. He is used by 2 ladies at the same time as a proper toilet! Because that's his purpose. As a matter of course we shit his mouth! Bravely chew and swallow. So that the next lady has a clean toilet again where she can shit. If that does not work to our satisfaction, we have to help in our own way!
2 Scat Doms benutzen ihren Toilettesklaven
Was macht man mit Toiletten? Richtig, man kackt in sie rein! Wir benutzen unsere Toilette jeden Tag. Ja, Du hast richtig gehoert. Jeden Tag muss er unsere Scheisse fressen, unsere Pisse saufen. So wie in diesem Video! Manchnmal kotzen wir ihm auch in den Mund! Das ist kein Spiel sondern harte Realitaet. Dieser Sklave in dem Video wird extrem hart gedemuetigt. Diesmal statten wir unserer Toilette einen spontanen Besuch als wir vom Brunchen kommen. Morgens muessen wir immer viel kacken, besonders wenn wir lecker gefruehstueckt haben. Nicht nur, dass er den Dreck von unseren Schuhsohlen lecken muss, er wird von 2 Ladys gleichzeitig als richtige Toilette benutzt! Denn das ist seine Bestimmung. Wie selbstverstaendlich muss er sich in den Mund scheissen lassen! Brav zerkauen und runterschlucken. So dass die naechste Dame wieder eine saubere Toilette zur Verfuegung hat wo sie reinscheissen kann. Wenn das nicht zu unserer Zufriedenheit ablaeuft, muessen wir auf unsere Art nachhelfen!
Smelly Milana - Served Christina with her eyes closed (2017 | HD | 813 MB)

Served Christina with her eyes closed
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