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Mary Lin - The Appointment 2 (2018 | HD | TheLifeErotic | 405 MB)

Sabrisse A - Dive In Her Eyes (2018 | HD | MetArt | 297 MB)

Dominica - Shoe Addiction (2018 | SD | TheLifeErotic | 122 MB)

Dominica - Shoe Addiction (2018 | HD | TheLifeErotic | 312 MB)

Jenya A - Erotic Athlete (2018 | HD | MetArt | 336 MB)

CJ 33 - This American Milf loves to show you whats underneath her dress (2018 | SD | Mature | 463 MB)

Wanilianna 42 - Hairy Milf getting ready for a good clean shave (2018 | FullHD | Mature | 1.18 GB)

Wanilianna 42 - Hairy Milf getting ready for a good clean shave (2018 | SD | Mature | 243 MB)

Kamilla C - Solo (2018 | SD | ClubSeventeen | 153 MB)

Brown wife - Shit in the sink (2018 | FullHD | 394 MB)

Do you wash your face in the evening before going to bed? Look at how I do it! First you need to shit in the sink. When the soft, fragrant mass of shit is ready, I put it on my face. Mask of shit – the best way to care for the skin before bed. And still pregnant girls need to smear stomach and tits. Use shit as a cream – it’s a great pleasure. And look at this procedure is even more fun. Ops… so carried away that shirt stained with shit
LittleMissKinky  - Blowrider  (2018 | FullHD | 315 MB)

LittleMissKinky  - Shipping my poop to your door (2018 | FullHD | 1.82 GB)

Are u craving for my poop…do u want nothing more than to taste and smell my delicious chocolate…? Make yourself happy and let me poop for u... this one was for Roger
sexysally  - Sally takes a shit, smears and sucks it (2018 | FullHD | 1.15 GB)

In this clip, I take a huge dump on my floor and smear it all over my body while sucking on the turds. Bonus: a bunch of pee comes while I’m shitting.
BigTitsAlisa  - My new swimsuit (2018 | HD | 830 MB)

I bought a new swimsuit and decided before I go to the beach in it I will write down for you a video. I sat on the couch and at first I pose for you, show you my body, I want to show you their Tits , ass and pussy, I slide the bikini top and bare you your Boobs showing you them, my big gorgeous Breasts want freedom, I take the rubber cock in hand and clamped it between their big name and they’re fucking themselves about between the Breasts, to me it’s very exciting, I want to quickly enter rubber dick in her pussy I push the bottom of the swimsuit and fuck myself in the cunt with a rubber cock, after that, I remove the rim from the ass and first introduce rubber Dildo up their ass and then pull out and fuck the rubber cock, I produce a little shit out of his ass to fit on the rubber member with a rubber member, I smear feces on your body, I suck dirty rubber dick in my shit, I fuck them yourself in the pussy and in the ass. Yes I like what I do, I like shit play with him eat his, to smear shit on their body and not only. In this video, I’m covered in shit, even my new swimsuit and the one in my shit. I hope that you will enjoy watching this video and you will want more.
marcos579  - Feeding Human Toilet (2018 | HD | 750 MB)

I want test out a human toilet eating ability. I have a sexy beautiful ass and I fills up the slave belly with my divine turds. I am a Mistress and I humilates and degrades him, while he eat my stinking shit. The toilet really loved eating my smelly shit and he stuffing his belly.
marcos579  - Swallow Natural Diarrhea (2018 | HD | 788 MB)

My toilet slave is very capable of eating shit! I decided to test him with diarrhea. How it’s cruel. Let’s see if he can eat all my smelly diarrhea! And he has to drink my pee too. I am planning to use him all week and more until he can’t eat any more shit or maybe until he get used to swallow easily…
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