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SexyScatForYou  - Jerk-Off Encouragement Close up Shit (2019 | FullHD | 447 MB)

I woke up sooo horny... I use my favorite dildo to make myself cum... encouraging you to stroke for me. I need to shit too, but I have to hold it in to make this shit as big as possible. You will love how messy my asshole is after this one
ScatLovingCouple  - My Enthusiastic Toilet Slave (2019 | FullHD | 1.86 GB)

Today I have a big load of my dark brown, thick, long, Smelly, tasty shit just for you my love. I Love to see and hear your enthusiasm from me, and my tight anus, Look how its Opening wide just for you, take it all my love.
SexyScatForYou  - Legging Tease and Big Poo (2019 | FullHD | 252 MB)

I went commando today, and couldnt wait to get home and tease you a bit before releasing my big load
CosmicGirl  - Shitty Pussy Compilation (2019 | HD | 1.10 GB)

Masturbating and feeling my warm shit in my pussy makes me cum so hard! This listing includes 3 super hot shitty pussy masturbation clips!

1. Riding My Shit Covered Toilet 
2. Fuck My Shitty Pussy
3. Fucking My Ass And My Shitty Pussy
LucyScat  - Sensual tits smearing (2019 | FullHD | 336 MB)

I start to shit naked on the ground of my bathroom floor and take the shit in my hand. I start to smear it slowly on my nipples, around my tits and on my tits. The shit that rubs on my nipples felt so good, so light, it made me really horny. I take the beginning of my shit, which is harder and with some chunks, and rub it against my pussy, eventually i put it in my pussy and continue to fondle my nipples and my tits. The ball of shit in my pussy feels awesome, the pressure when i am pushing it out is stunning. I continue to rub the shit on my pussy and to fondle my tits until i get a orgasm.
OPUD-296 Geloskafist Bullying Class (2019 | FullHD | 5.68 GB)

OPUD-297 Treasure Gerorosca M Man Training Girls Masamo Ayase (2019 | FullHD | 4.95 GB)

OPUD-298 Prohibition Of Food Feces Ban!Shoot Pig Smell Shame 10 Ashigiri Hikari (2019 | FullHD | 4.50 GB)

OPUD-299 Feces Excreted Girl 2 - De M Gyal Fucked Anal Torture - Arrow Music (2019 | FullHD | 5.07 GB)

LucyScat  - I suck and fuck a shit-dildo (2019 | FullHD | 319 MB)

Then i start to smear the shit on my tits, taking chunks to tease my clitoris. Smearing my shit on my dildo, lick on it, suck on it and fuck it. Taking it again in my mouth to taste my pussy with my shit. Smearing it again with my shit and fuck myself. Suck again on it.
SexyScatForYou  - Open Wide for my Shit, Slave (2019 | FullHD | 198 MB)

I want your face right between my heels as i shit into your mouth and have you clean me up
SexyScatForYou  - Ah, Coffee! The Best Natural Laxative (2019 | FullHD | 226 MB)

I really need to shit out last nights dinner and this coffee is just making it harder. Yet, not so hard if you know what i mean
MistressSophia  - Shitface (2019 | FullHD | 226 MB)

I needed to take a big shit after my morning run, it was a beautiful sunny day and I did not want to sit in the bathroom so I told my live in 24/7 toilet “Shitface” to get ready and have his mouth wide open under my outdoor workout bench. I sat on the bench as he was already in position with his toilet mouth wide open waiting to receive my Chocolate logs and my golden nectar. After I took a big shit on his face I made him rub it all over his toilet face and to lie there silent with his face covered in shit till I got home from the mall. I returned over 2 hours later as he was still lying there as I instructed him covered in my stinky brown shit. I told him this is his number one purpose in life as well as serving me. It is so wonderful to be a woman, a Mistress and to own slaves. Enjoy all you slaves! Perhaps you’d like to see a custom video of my humiliating Shitface in your scenarios.
friends769  - Scat session 14 - amateur couple (2019 | FullHD | 724 MB)

This one is a wide angle scat session with good cumshot and foreplay. Watching her body shake as she cums just before pooping, is one of my favourite things to see. Love to watch her squirm as she struggles to get that crap out with a wide shaft in her pussy. Hope you enjoy a creamy outburst of much needed crap out of her tight little ass. More positions to cum. POV cumshot all over her ass. New clip of some overdue pooping
friends769  - Scat sex 22 - amateur couple (2019 | FullHD | 811 MB)

Having a great scat smearing sex session with the dirty redhead from behind. New content with some extra nasty smearing during the cumshot. Reverse cowgirl watching her shit while that throbbing shaft enters her pussy and plays sweet music on those little lips. She cums many times with lots of foreplay. Pooping all over that dick while it is still inside of her. So much jizz and lots of smearing that crap into the shaft. Amazing sticky, warm, dirty, wet, nasty, smearing, cumming, couples romantic scat sex you’ve ever been exposed to. Listen to that pussy whistle as she cums with clit play. 9 minutes 49 seconds of pure bliss.
Personal toilet (2019 | UltraHD/4K | 2.83 GB)

Aliça and Chimeny are resting their feet on top of Lisa’s back, that is Chimeny’s personal slave. They are so tired of using high heels hurting them all day that they obligate Lisa to massage, smell and lick their feet, just so they can feel relaxed. Not satisfied yet, Chimeny decides she wants a good treatment to her beautiful ass too. A session of asslicking and smelling on these two goddesses happen and it’s delicious to watch. To complete the circle of pleasure and relaxing, it’s time to make the slave suffer a little bit: it’s poop time! Chimeny starts it, shitting and pissing, and obligating her to rub it all over her body and eat. Aliça wants to participate too and do the same, enjoying to see Lisa disgusted with their soft and pasty scat.