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LoveRachelle2 - Poop Videos – Blackmailed Toilet Slave (2017 | 4K UHD | 1.64 GB)

I have your precious photos, and we both know what'll happen if they get out, don't you? That's right, you know what that means-you're my *bitch*. Don't worry, you won't have to do anything extreme for me. you don't have to get your hands dirty.. just your mouth, because if you don't want these photos to go public, you're going to have to get under this ass, and eat my shit! Why? Because it's hilarious, getting weak men to do whatever I want when I have them under my thumb, and that's *just* where you belong.
I crap out a huge, thick turd, choking you with it. I laugh, telling you to chew it, chew that raw shit up. I don't care if you gag-if you do, I'll just make you eat your shitty vomit! I can't help but be SO amused when you cry and beg, but you're getting hard even when you act like you're disgusted. Do you actually LIKE being my little slave, loser? You really ARE just a worm, just as I suspected. I step on your eyes, then step on the shit in your mouth, pushing it down your throat. You better hurry up, toilet! You're going too slow. hm, that actually gives me an idea! I'll keep you as a human toilet, and train you to eat my shit so fast it's disappearing down your throat right as it's pushing its way out my butthole. Do whatever I tell you to, little slave, and your dirty secrets are safe with me!
LoveRachelle2 - Solo Scat – I Know What You REALLY Want… (2017 | 4K UHD | 1.44 GB)

You know why I'm different from all the other girls? Because unlike all your exes and the women you've known and pined for, I know what you want. And I LIKE what I know. I know you. You don't want this pussy, or these cute tits, or this face, or even this ass. you want what's INSIDE it. Face it, when you see a woman you like, you don't want her, you want her SHIT. And THAT'S what I like about you. You're a nasty, disgusting pervert who craves a woman's leavings, and that's so depraved and messed up, that turns me on. You want my hot shit so bad, then take it right from the source.
I groundhog and tease you until I can't stand it anymore, and push a thick load of shit onto a plate for you. Here's your meal! I tell you exactly how to EAT my shit, and you're going to savor every rich, stinky morsel.
AbigailDupree - Hd 1080p – Upside Down Continuous Blue Smurf Vomit  (2017 | FullHD | 1.16 GB)

Abigail Dupree drank a half gallon of milk and ate 2 liters of blue Jello for this epic puke show. This video was compiled from an hour and 15 minutes of gagging and vomiting. She took just the juicy parts and left you with almost 18 minutes of straight vomiting. Watch her beautiful face get covered in blue slimy puke as she gags herself with an impressive deep throat over and over and over again. Then magically the milk starts pouring out of her. Blue at first and then white and curdled in the end. I have never seen anything like this!
Mistress Gaia - Femdom Scat – SHIT FACE PLEASURE (2017 | FullHD | 174 MB)

I have my slave on the floor at the foot of my throne. He's been waiting to enjoy some of my temptations, and I'm not going to disappoint him. However, I want him to make sure he understands his place, and to begin he must worship my feet and lick my shoes. I notice he can't keep his hands off his cock, so I allow my filthy slut to touch himself but he must not cum. It's time for me to give him his meal, and I get him to open his mouth as I relieve my shit over his face. I want him to enjoy all of it, and have decided to give him some assistance. I slip a condom tightly over my foot, then begin to smear all my shit over his face. I also give him a little footgagging, making sure my shit is at the back of his throat, and he swallows all of it. I finally leave him to play with himself and enjoy the luxury of being my shit face pleasure.
Il mio schiavo e' steso sul pavimento, ai piedi del mio trono. E' in attesa di poter soddisfare qualche mio capriccio e non voglio deluderlo. Tuttavia voglio che, innanzitutto, capisca bene il suo ruolo; quindi, come prima cosa, deve adorare i miei piedi e leccare le mie scarpe. Vedo che non puo' fare a meno di toccarsi il cazzo per cui decido di permettere a questa lurida troia di segarsi ma senza venire. Ora e' giunto il momento di servirgli il suo pasto, per cui gli ordino di aprire la bocca e mi svuoto sopra di lui riempiendogli la faccia di merda. Voglio che se la goda tutta, per cui decido di dargli un aiutino. Infilo un preservativo sul mio piede e comincio a spalmargli tutta la merda sulla faccia. Gli pratico anche un footgagging, spingendogli la merda in fondo alla gola, facendo modo che la ingoi tutta. Poi gli consento di continuare a segarsi e di assaporare la piacere di essere una faccia di merda ..
Smelly Milana - Shitting – 2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave  (2017 | HD | 652 MB)

2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave. Eating from a plate for me is the most difficult (you need to swallow constantly and there is no opportunity to relax), but in the future I want to do this with three girls - it will be very tough! Shit Yana had a stronger smell and smell. The first spoon I ate shit Christina - it's more familiar to me to taste. Next, I tried to take in a spoon immediately 2 crap to feel a range of flavors - this is the most pleasant with such eating.
Smelly Milana - Femdom Scat – 2 ladies fed me small portions of diarrhea (2017 | HD | 451 MB)

2 ladies fed me small portions of diarrhea
goddesslucy - Eat My shit, you inadequate loser! (2017 | FullHD | 1.62 GB)

Response to review: I just rewatched it very closely twice on my computer and I can see nowhere where frames are missing or any problem. Maybe it did not upload right. I uploaded it again. Please watch the new file. Thanks for letting me know about it. You can also message me ��Lucy
You should have known you would be rejected when you asked Me out! You are too short and pathetic for such a superior Goddess. You are only good for one thing: EATING MY SHIT!!!!! I inform you that the dinner I am eating now is going to be your food tomorrow!!! The next day I am wearing another sexy outfit. I am a powerful, beautiful woman and you love my tits and ass, and you would love to touch me, but all you are going to be touching is MY SHIT!!! I have a wicked smile when I tell you you are only fit to be a toilet to Me. Naked except heels, I sit over a plate and shit out these fat turds for you to EAT! Then I spit on it. For the next 2 minutes I tell you how eat and worship and jerk your tiny cock for My Goddess Shit. Ends with cum countdown while I tease holding the shit plate and degrade and humiliate you!
slave pov toilet slavery with Goddess Lucy
Smelly Milana - Scatting Domination (2017 | HD | 365 MB)

2 mistresses used a toilet slave. Today I served two girls at once! Christina was full of shit and urine, and Yana prepared badly and awarded me a small portion of diarrhea with secretions.
evamarie88 - Huge Shit And Shitty Feet (2017 | FullHD | 529 MB)

Watch me show you my bare feet showing you them off then I flex them to the ceiling while I push out a enormous poo its so big it takes two hands to hold. I tell you im going to send you some and I want you to lick and consume it while watching me
I get some of my shit and put it on the floor and tred my feet into it getting them really messy, the feeling of shit squishing in-between my toes just feels amazing.
I then show you my filthy feet and then I lick them making my tongue brown If you were here with me now I would be making you licking them clean and serving you shit right of those shitty soles and toes..
I bring my feet close to the camera and tell you to lick them clean
evamarie88 - Fart, Shart, Shit, Enema For Son (2017 | FullHD | 976 MB)

Watch me leather pants tell you youve been a naughty boy so mummys going to teach you a lesson, I fart wet farts in your face in my leather leggings before pulling them down and sharting in your face.
Now wank that dick while you watch mommy shit into a bowl, I show you it before I clean my arse out with an enema and fill the bowl with my dirty arse water..
Now watch me get messy I smear my shit on my leggings before pouring the enema water all over me then fart some more in your face and giving you a cum countdown and farting loud when I tell you to cum.
Such a good boy for mommy
evamarie88 - Your Little Shit Piggy (2017 | FullHD | 753 MB)

Watch me turn into your little Shit Piggy, Im dressed in pink with a snout, ears and a curly tail and tell you want to make all your fantasies come true..
I First Fart for you big loud piggy farts for a shit pig like yourself..
Then I bend over and push out a dirty shit.
You like that?
Now watch me lick it like the nasty girl and chew it making my teeth brown..
Now for more dirty farts before I smear all over myself and lick and chew somemore..
You ready to cum my disgusting shit pig..
Watch me chew my shit while I give you a countdown
Your Perfect Shit Piggy
Mistress Gaia - BOUND TO BE FED (2017 | FullHD | 196 MB)

Today I have a toilet slave that's going to receive a special treat. He's a newbie, and I'm going to initiate him with a double doze of my delightful horderves. As you can see, I have him hooded and on his knees and tightly bound in a leather arm binder. I also have him with his feet apart with a leg spreader. This is a very stressful position for my bitch, and I so enjoy seeing him suffer and struggle to hold a posture for me. I slap him hard a few times to give him some added incentive to please me. There are two bowls at my feet, and I push them over to him telling him how fortunate he is going to be. After some teasing and more ridicule of my toilet slut, prepare him to receive his meal. Firstly, I relieve myself into one of the bowls and tell him he is going to enjoy the sweet taste of my delicious shit. I get him to open his mouth and begin to feed him, I order him to make sure he chews and swallows all of his special treat. I also wipe some of my shit on his chest, just to make sure he fully enjoys the aroma under his nose. Then it's time to allow him to wash down his meal. I sit over the other bowl and fill it with my pee. I place a straw into the bowl and allow my bitch the added pleasure of washing down his delicious scat meal with my very sweet amber nectar. When finished, I leave my toilet slut in his stressful bondage to digest his horderve while I decide what to do with him next.
Nel mio dungeon,ho un nuovo toilet slave in attesa di ricevere un trattamento speciale.Lo avviero' a questa nuova pratica attraverso i miei deliziosi stuzzichini.Come potete notare,l'ho incappucciato e costretto in ginocchio e legato saldamente con le gambe spalancate grazie ad un divaricatore.Questa è una posizione molto stressante per la mia troia, e godo tantissimo nel vederlo soffrire e lottare per mantenere la corretta postura che IO,Mistress Gaia,desidero.Lo schiaffeggio un paio di volte per incentivarlo a fare tutto quello che IO voglio per il mio assoluto piacere.Ci sono due ciotole ai miei piedi, e le spingo verso di lui dicendogli quanto sarà fortunato.Dopo averlo preso per il culo ridicolizzandolo e umiliandolo verbalmente.decido che la mia puttana e' pronta a ricevere il suo pasto.Rilasso il mio prezioso corpo defecando in una delle scodelle e gli dico che apprezzerà il dolce sapore della mia deliziosa merda.Lo obbligo a spalancare la bocca e spingo la merda nel suo palato,assicurandomi che mastichi e ingoi tutto il suo trattamento speciale.Spalmo anche un po 'della merda sul suo petto,e' giusto che apprezzi pienamente l'aroma sotto il suo naso.E' il momento che la mia puttanella assapori un ottimo drink.Mi posiziono sull'altra ciotola e la riempo con la mia pipì.Infilo una cannuccia nella ciotola e permetto alla mia cagna di di abbeverarsi con il mio dolce nettare ambrato.Una volta finito,lascio il mio toilet slave nella sua posizione scomoda stressante per digerire ilsuo pasto mentre con calma decido che cosa fare con lui dopo
Toilet Humiliation - 2 Scat Doms use their Toilet Slave (2017 | HD | 332 MB)

What do you do with toilets? Right, you're shitting into it! We use our toilet every day. Yes, you heard right. Every day he has to eat our shit, drink our piss. Like in this video! Sometimes we puke him in the mouth! This is not a game but hard reality. This slave in the video is extremely humiliated. This time we give our toilet a spontaneous visit when we come from the brunch. In the morning we always have to shit a lot, especially if we have had a delicious breakfast. Not only that he has to lick the dirt off our soles. He is used by 2 ladies at the same time as a proper toilet! Because that's his purpose. As a matter of course we shit his mouth! Bravely chew and swallow. So that the next lady has a clean toilet again where she can shit. If that does not work to our satisfaction, we have to help in our own way!
2 Scat Doms benutzen ihren Toilettesklaven
Was macht man mit Toiletten? Richtig, man kackt in sie rein! Wir benutzen unsere Toilette jeden Tag. Ja, Du hast richtig gehoert. Jeden Tag muss er unsere Scheisse fressen, unsere Pisse saufen. So wie in diesem Video! Manchnmal kotzen wir ihm auch in den Mund! Das ist kein Spiel sondern harte Realitaet. Dieser Sklave in dem Video wird extrem hart gedemuetigt. Diesmal statten wir unserer Toilette einen spontanen Besuch als wir vom Brunchen kommen. Morgens muessen wir immer viel kacken, besonders wenn wir lecker gefruehstueckt haben. Nicht nur, dass er den Dreck von unseren Schuhsohlen lecken muss, er wird von 2 Ladys gleichzeitig als richtige Toilette benutzt! Denn das ist seine Bestimmung. Wie selbstverstaendlich muss er sich in den Mund scheissen lassen! Brav zerkauen und runterschlucken. So dass die naechste Dame wieder eine saubere Toilette zur Verfuegung hat wo sie reinscheissen kann. Wenn das nicht zu unserer Zufriedenheit ablaeuft, muessen wir auf unsere Art nachhelfen!
LoveRachelle2 - Feeding You Plate-Fulls Of Shit (2017 | FullHD | 1.07 GB)

So. How about you open up, huh? Open up for this ass. Open up for it. I can feel it cooking in there, that what you like, huh? You like thinking about turds cooking in big butts like this? Mm. I can feel it pushing. Oof, can you smell that? That's my ass-that's my stinky ASS, babe. That's the smell of my shit coming from inside, right inside my pucker, right here. You ready for it? Honestly, I don't care if you're ready, you're in for a whole lotta shit! Go on, stick your nose in there. Stick it right in my hole. You like that? Get a good whiff. Smell that shit, it's coming out-gonna poke your nose.
I moan, feeling how good it is to shit onto this plate for you. Good thing this good-feeling shit isn't going to waste now, is it? Watch, I'm pushing your meal out right now-and I love how it feels, makes me wish I could just keep pushing all day. I flutter my butt-pucker at you, ordering you to thank it. Go on, stick your face in that shit. You gotta worship that shit before you eat it. And I'll tell you what. You're gonna come here every day for a plate of shit, and you're gonna take care of each plate until they're licked clean. And I KNOW you'll always be coming back for more, you fucking loser.
Oh! Was that mean? I turned the mean on you, didn't I? That's hilarious-you don't even KNOW mean. You don't wanna see it. But, I can be pretty sweet when I'm nice, can't I? Can't I be super sweet? Moaning and telling you girlishly how much I love pooping and feeding it to you? Don't kid yourself, you don't have your Mistress figured out at all, I'll keep you on your toes. I'm sweet, but you don't know when the Mean is coming.
Smelly Milana - Served Christina with her eyes closed (2017 | HD | 813 MB)

Served Christina with her eyes closed
Princess Mia - NEW! Princess Grace (2017 | FullHD | 1.19 GB)

Princess Grace Toilet-Slave Scat Smearing Lick Ass Face sitting This slave has proven to be a very good toilet. Hard facesitting and breakfast in the end. 019 Grace strangles the slave with ass and Mia takes everything on camera. Grace and Mia have fun with the slave. They have immobilized him, laid on the bed. Now the hour of torture for the slave has come, Grace sits down on his face, strangles the slave with ass, making him inhale the fragrance of her crotch. Well now it's lunch time. The slave submissively opens his mouth, and Grace fills it with warm shit. The cameras are set very close, so you can see how Grace's shit comes out of the ass and right into the mouth of the slave. Grace poured a lot of chocolate into his mouth, the slave chokes, Grace pushes the remaining shit into the slave's mouth and immediately sits on his mouth so that he cannot spit out. And a lot of shit gets to his stomach, Grace continues to sit on the slave's face. Mia shoots, the girls are having fun and the slave is licking the remaining from the big ass of his Mistress.
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